UWTSD Future Funds Portal Entrepreneurship Start Up Grant

University of Wales Trinity Saint David is proud to launch the Futures Fund Entrepreneurship Start Up Grant, allowing our Enterprise Team to award students and alumni with funding of up to £500. The grant will be given to those individuals who demonstrate a need for assistance on their start-up journey whether you be a freelancer or small business. If you are thinking about starting or have started a business in the UK within the last year, you could be eligible to receive this grant.

Applicants must be a current student or recent alumni of UWTSD in order to qualify for the fund, as well as be able to clearly outline how you will use the £500 to support the growth of your business. This could be to assist with the purchase of materials, create a website or cover the costs of professional services, such as legal advice.

Prior to the release of funds, all applicants must receive a business planning session with an Enterprise Team member, where together you will explore your business idea in greater depth and receive guidance as to next steps in your business journey. In addition to this session, applicants must complete a relevant business start-up course to ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills to give yourselves the best chance at success. Finally, all start-ups must have registered their businesses accordingly within the UK.

If funds are fully utilised the scheme will close!

Entrepreneurship Start Up Grant

UWTSD is here to support students & recent alumni to start and grow their businesses.

Get £500 to support your START UP!

Thinking about starting or have started a business in the UK within the last year? You could be eligible to receive £500 to help your company grow and prosper!

How to qualify?

  • Must be a current UWTSD Student or recent Alumni
  • Provide an outline for how you will use the grant to support your business
  • If you are a registered business then this must be within the last 12 months

Prior to release of funds you must:

  • Approval of grant application
  • Receive a Business Planning session with an enterprise team member
  • Complete an approved business start-up course
  • Have registered the business accordingly within the UK
  • Must complete a Business Model Canvas